When you call Ram Environmental Response for your spill response needs you also get the assistance from our response partners.  We can mass a team of dedicated professionals and have them on site in a matter of hours. Our team is second to none.

Our Team


Rick is one of the co-founders and Chief Operations Officer of RAM Environmental Response Ltd.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in environmental compliance auditing, hazardous materials spill response, spill response training, and the Incident Command System. He is an experienced HazMat Emergency Response Spill Manager dealing with dangerous goods spills and has led numerous teams of hazmat spill responders and technicians directing the containment and clean-up efforts on behalf of his clients and associates throughout t British Columbia, Western Canada and the United States.

For several years Rick has assisted clients and other response companies with their emergency spill response, Incident Command operations and hazmat training requirements throughout British Columbia, Western Canada and the United States.

Our Response Partners


Lauri Solsberg, became an independent consultant in May 1986 but his experience in oil and hazardous material spills dates back to 1973. Lauri has worked with his counterparts world-wide on accident prevention and control equipment including containment, recovery, transfer, treatment and disposal systems.  His experience includes extensive fieldwork in responding to spills in a cleanup capacity. For more than five years, Lauri evaluated spill response technologies for the Canadian government through laboratory, test tank and in-situ trials.

Since joining the consulting sector in 1980, he has continued to respond to spills, test and recommend equipment, and investigate a wide range of spill control devices and methods. Laurie has also prepared many contingency plans, spill response manuals and environmental impact statements. The development and instruction of training programs has been a key part of his work since 1980.



Dr. Elliott Taylor is an oceanographer with 35 years of experience in oil spill response, marine geology and geotechnics, and marine environmental regulatory compliance.  His work has spanned marine environments from deep-sea programs in the Indian Ocean and Pacific to shelf and nearshore programs in the Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic, Central America and North Slope of Alaska. His involvement in marine environmental issues includes projects in environmental assessment, oil spill response, sediment quality and transport, coastal processes and marine geology.

Dr. Taylor was instrumental in developing the foundation for the plans and operations manuals of the certified Response Organizations across Canada.

Elliott Taylor was a key member and advisor of the Ram ER team.  Today he continues to provide spill response support as a technical advisor in incident management, planning, shoreline clean-up monitoring, natural resources damage assessment, and environmental affairs.



Greg is a senior environmental engineer and BC Contaminated Sites Approved Professional with 20 years’ experience in environmental assessment in BC and Western Canada. Greg is the founder and the current CEO of GD Assessments Inc.

For several years now, GD Assessments Inc. has been helping clients throughout BC’s interior find solutions to their projects. Providing high quality customer service has become the goal of GD Assessments and they are committed to completing projects in a time and cost efficient manner. They believe strong communication is essential to fully understand our client’s needs. GD Assessments cares about our community and province, so they ensure that all work is completed to the highest of standards and strict quality control procedures are enforced at all times.



Kelli Turner has been involved in marine safety and pre-hospital care for over 20 years. Spill response is Kelli passion with his team’s international deployment to the  BP oil spill in 2010. Kelli’s master of minor waters certification and primary care paramedic licence assist in spill response projects with emergency response services. Project Managment is Kelli’s day to day operations in the safety and pre-hospital care field. His most recent spill response project with Western Canada Marine Response Corp in Prince Rupert was with the Zalinski project as a Logistic’s Section Chief.

ICS Roles: Safety, Logistics, Planning, Security, Special Projects