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Spill Response

Ram ER has built a team of responders that have the capability of responding to hazardous materials spills and conduct the site clean-up and remediation throughout Western Canada.  Our responders are well trained and well equipped.  Whether it is flammable liquids, corrosives, or any other class of dangerous goods we respond quickly and efficiently.

Our responders and response partners have experience throughout the world, from the Canada’s High Arctic to tropical environments.

Recent RAM ER emergency responses include;

  • 55,000 liter diesel/gasoline tanker overturned and spill of product.  Emergency Spill Response, Product Recovery and Site Remediation.
  • Transport truck collision.  Emergency Response, Spill Containment and recovery of spilled diesel.
  • Transport truck accident. Diesel Spill.  River Response.   ER and site remediation.
  • Hydrochloric Acid spill, Kelowna, BC.    Product recovery and facility decontamination/cleanup.
  • Sodium Hydroxide spill, Vernon, BC.  Product containment, neutralization and recovery.
  • Waste Acid Battery Spill (20,000 kgs).  Site containment, neutralization and remediation.
  • Transport truck accident. Locate and repackage load of Hydrofluoric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide and flammables.

Call our 24/7 Emergency Response Line at 1.855.238.9350  for any of your spill response needs.

Site Remediation

When a spill occurs, the response isn’t complete until the site has been remediated.  That may include land or lake and river shorelines.  Our highly qualified project managers and field staff bring confidence and professionalism to each cleanup.  We look for affordable options to save our clients valuable time and resources.  From small to large spills, Ram Environmental Response will address the issues and complete the cleanup with positive results.

Special Services

Ram Environmental Response is more than just a spill response company.  We also offer services to assist our clients with the following;

  • Incident Command System (ICS) support
  • Emergency Contingency Plans development
  • HAZMAT Assessments
  • Contaminated Soil Excavations
  • Underground Fuel Tank removal
  • Gas Station De-commissioning


Ram ER offers a variety of courses to assist responders, our clients, and First Nations communities.  We can modify any course to meet your requirements.  Ram ER instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.  Our students have included employees from railways, crown corporations, response organizations as well as a spill response representative from Beijing, China.

Ram ER courses offered include:

  • Land and Inland Water Spill Response
  • Spill Response – Ice and Winter Conditions
  • Initial Spill Response – What to do in the event of a spill
  • Spill Site Risk Assessment
  • Hazmat – Operations Level
  • Shoreline Cleanup Techniques
  • Containment Boom and Boom Vane Operations and Installation
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